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Auto cutter - BCUT
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Automatic cutter

Auto cutter - BCUT

Auto cutter of last generation. With the highest technology in terms of robustness and energy consumption.
  • Wireless connection to CAD system;
  • Simplicity of use;
  • Complete management of cut files;
  • Interface for the reception of CAD files, in ISO language, CUT;
  • Optimization of the cutting path;
  • Modification of the depth of crans;
  • Blade speed control;
  • Cutting speed control;
  • Viewing the cutting mark;
  • Prediction of the cutting sequence;
  • Viewing blade wear and replacement information;
  • Programming of the cut of the rings;
  • Possibility of cut in symmetry;
  • Choice of cut starting point;
  • Programming blade sharpening: during or at the end of cutting;
  • Planning the sharpening position (angle);
  • Integrated vacuum device for better locking of parts to be cut;
  • Automatic adjustment of the vacuum with planning of the maximum values;
  • Exhaust air with filter and muffler;
  • Automatic cut surface cleaning system;
  • Conveyor cutting table with programmable speed and reverse movement;
  • Integrated conveyor unloader with combined or / and separate movement;
  • Puncher with changeable holes;
  • Multifunction touch screen on the machine for fast control of all operations and management of maintenance functions.
  • Side movement of the motorized machine;  
  • Bar code reader for automatic insertion of the marker;
  • Cooling the blade;
  • Hot drilling;
  • Choice of various cutting heights;
  • Integrated Labeling Machine.
Technical Features:
  • Power consumption: 20kw;
  • Compressed air: 150l / min 6bar;
  • Cutting speed: 60m / l ';
  • Noise: <80dba;
  • Power: 380v 3phase 50hz +/- 10%;
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